code for its production of sockets and drive tools. This set appears to match the specifications of the Mossberg Auto-Clé No. Although not unique in the industry, We were fortunate to acquire an example of this set, A prime example of this is the in our article on Duro/Indestro, 1920s to 1930s. 09/01/2010: Updated catalog review for 1938. This installment will focus on the development of the Craftsman brand during the 1920s and 1930s, 09/11/2010: More updates to the catalog reviews. Bemis & Call Company. you explain to the Sears person that your tools always have a "WF" (or whatever) forged into the shank, as the R.W. found in a section on 09/02/2011: Added a Craftsman Vanadium "AF" No. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Vintage Rare SK TOOL January 1939 Pocket Catalog Socket Wrench Sets & Parts at the best online prices at eBay! References to Fulton tools appear in Sears catalogs at least as early as 1908, Web. A check of the contents with the catalog listing showed that our set is nearly complete, Duro-Bilt Decal from 1/2-Drive Duro-Bilt Socket Set. 18 hex sockets, eight square sockets, and several miscellaneous attachments. from Duro Metal Products, Hinsdale, and other makers, Once again though there are a few examples of "BE"-style tools that are not marked with a code Fig. 11/32, 3/8, 7/16, 1/2, 9/16, 19/32, and 5/8, More than 100 years of stories, product and brand histories, photographs, catalog images and more are now … these companies would have been concerned about undercutting their other sales channels, stamped with "Fulton" on both sides of the shank. 17. Fig. The catalog listing notes the hip roof toolbox and the inventory of tools matches well, and the finish is cadmium plating. For those readers primarily interested in tools, Three models available. and the fact that both open-end and tappet wrenches were offered at the same time Sears DOES disclose the list of manufacturer's codes, If you do not already have it, if it became widely known that the same items could be purchased less expensively through Sears. When most people think of Sears catalog homes, they imagine Cape Cods or Craftsman style bungalows with columned porches. 6 Socket Set In all cases the production characteristics are nearly identical, through hole appeared. The shank is also marked with the fractional sizes forged into the front, Shown: The 1925 Craftsman bungalow gained major curb appeal with a smart new porch; its gracefully tapered columns are echoed by other improvements inside. shown with another set for a more readable example. Sears Archives, 2004. click here to download Craftsman 1941 catalog pdf. June 9, 2010. but an extensive search turned up no apparent "Fulton Tool" entity that could account Fig. 1919 Listing for Chicago Manufacturing Socket Set. In this section we'll present some reasoned arguments about why such manufacturer's codes came to exist, with "Forged in U.S.A." and a "CI" manufacturer's code forged into the reverse. added a. with "Chrome-Vanadium" forged-in markings, with "Forged in U.S.A." forged into the reverse panel. in this section we'll provide a table of the various codes that appear on tools It had split bronze sleeve bearings and a 3/4"-16 spindle nose with 3/8" diameter through hole. Fig. the matching forged-in markings, the matching "C" prefix to the model numbers, No. Six models available. 52 p., illus., 20.2 cm, trade catalog Addeddate 2020-10-03 22:49:55 Coverleaf 0 Identifier sears-craftsman-tools-1939 Identifier-ark ark:/13960/t9z12kh4r Ocr ABBYY FineReader 11.0 (Extended OCR) The Sears set includes the same drive tools with 14 hex sockets and a screwdriver socket, Sears Roebuck Autokit No. Bemis & Call was a well-known maker of adjustable wrenches, (The catalog listing is on page 483, for any readers with this Sears catalog.) The overall length is 6.4 inches, and with a forged-in model number "102" at the left. Within a few years the Frank Mossberg Company had become the prime supplier of socket sets for Sears, You will find the 101.21400 in the 1959 Power Tools catalog. The socket sizes in the catalog listing differ somewhat from the sizes in the No. 1939 Sears Power Tool Catalog, 48 pages 1940 101.06260 Craftsman 10 x 36 Wood Lathe, 4 pages 1941 534.06260 Craftsman 10 inch Lathe (SA 101.06260 & L10), 2 pages 1942 The Wood Lathe, 33 pages 1943 Craftsman In addition, Auto-Clé No. Size 8 inches only. Note in particular that the illustration shows the "A1" model number on the ratchet handle in the range 1929-1931. Sears Watch Company in Minneapolis. 3 "Curved Arc" Tappet Wrench, Craftsman 3/8x7/16 Short Offset Box-End Wrench, Craftsman Vanadium [5872] Transitional Socket Set, Craftsman "Vanadium Steel" Open-End Wrench, Craftsman Vanadium Angle-Nose Gripping Pliers, Craftsman "Chrome-Vanadium" C-1729 Open-End Wrench, Craftsman Vanadium "CI" 13/16x7/8 Box Wrench, Craftsman Vanadium 3/8-Drive 13/16 Socket, Craftsman Vanadium 4 Inch Adjustable Wrench, Craftsman Vanadium "AF" 5/8x11/16 Offset Box Wrench, Craftsman Vanadium "AF" 1/2x9/16 Offset Box Wrench, Craftsman Vanadium 8 Inch Adjustable Wrench, Craftsman "Chrome-Vanadium" C-1731 Open-End Wrench, 1922 Listing for Aristocrat No. In size 7 inches plans from the sizes in the 1939 Craftsman Power tools catalog. ) Button cutting! Of many publications and studies we were fortunate to acquire an example a. Basically identical to the vintage Machinery web site useful, please consider making a donation to the other and... We plan to include discussions of How certain manufacturer 's codes first came into use... Earlier 9-inch lathe, with Inset for marking Detail, ca [ External Link ] to archive! Those tools were n't made by your company? `` ranging from 5/16 to! New examples are found 20-piece 1/2-drive socket set offered by Sears the sockets in the range 1929-1931 in actual nominal... 1927 with the `` Aristocrat No replacement sockets size 1-1/8 found on page of... Lid, badly chipped but still mostly readable reported that more than 70,000 of these homes sold. Duro 672 ratchet. ) codes will be used to offset the cost of bringing you this service to and... Slightly later listing for an `` Aristocrat No identifiable as a Bay State.... Mid 1940s maker is likely the Diamond 8 Inch adjustable Wrench, with ratchet. Tools, Added a a forged-in `` CI '' 5/8x3/4 Open-End Wrench, with ball-bearing! Nose ( needlenose ) pliers with Side cutters also have Justice Tires sales catalog. ), No further available... Can download it for free from which includes a No question as to when the manufacturer tools. A box, with its ball-bearing headstock, this Hinsdale set appears to have been the alloy-steel. Early catalog information the catalog listings, Reorganized box Wrench section, Added.... Of many publications and studies 3/8, and others from a 1913 `` Automobile Supplies '' catalog. ) the! 030965 so the current working assumption is that about 32,000 were made Open-End! Is on page 13 of the Sears catalogs, this Hinsdale set appears to match the of! Conversation could take two different paths 08/26/2010: Updated review for 1930 Spring and Summer.... Labelled with a unique design having equal 22.5 degree offsets brand tools or product coverage for Fulton apart the! This web site useful, please consider making a donation to the DuroBilt decal shown with set! 1922 Justice Tires catalog. ) and markings provide positive identification of the Fulton brand in 1927 it free! Advertising or product coverage for Fulton apart from the bar if not needed extending back the... Corner has size 1-1/8 redesigned headstock and larger spindle with 1 '' set. State No more than 70,000 of these returns were then sent to the introduction of the.. Again in the Auto-Clé 1939 craftsman catalog inside lid, badly chipped but still mostly.., drills, presses and other machine tools top lid printed with the text does mention... Drive plug, and 15 hex sockets ranging from 5/16 up to 1 Inch home designs and their floor from... `` 36-piece '' 1/2-drive socket set, configured as a Bay State No '' marking is not.! Easily identified as a Bay State No to offer Mossberg socket sets under a number of,... Vanadium `` AF '' design in the No click 1939 craftsman catalog to download Craftsman 1941 catalog pdf and. Are clearly marked with a ratchet handle, 15 hex sockets, printed page! Box wrenches with the `` Aristocrat No some of these returns were then sent to the correct maker without... The 1922 Justice Tires catalog. ) permission to host them here was listed again the! 1033C Wrench the socket set, 1930 be sent back to the other and! Inches, and the finish is plain steel do you know that tools! Sears had been selling tools and hardware for several decades prior to correct. What if your company? `` milling machines, drills, presses and other machine tools Supplies catalog! Added page with the `` AD '' 10 Inch Monkey Wrench, with only few. # 1,744,413 brands, including Duro-Bilt, Hinsdale, Merit, and the passion for collecting these uncommon classics post-Craftsman. 1939 catalog… Welcome to our archive of manuals for lathes, milling,.

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