View More View All Sort & Filter. Car Boot Liners. T4U Plastic Plant Pot Saucers with Faux Clay Finish 40CM Orange Set of 4, Rectangle Hevay Duty Large Flowerpot Tray Resin Plant Drip Saucer Base PP Coaster Pallet for Succulent Planter Pot. GARDEN SUPPLY GUYS | Discount Hydroponics & Gardening Marketplace Home ; Plant Saucers, Spill Trays & Stands; Plant Saucers, Spill Trays & Stands Arrange curios or votives for a stunning holiday centerpiece. Get it Friday, Nov 20. £6.36 £ 6. Whitefurze G02092 87cm Venetian Window Box Tray - Terracotta. Spillage trays provide a convenient and safe way to store and handle hazardous materials in the workplace. 1,121 sold. The top-selling planter saucers product is the 13 in x 2.5 Black Terra Plastic Plant Saucer Tray. Flower Plant Container Pot Saucer Flower Pot Trays Plastic Rectangle Flower Pot Pallet 12-inches Creamy-White . Large Plastic Drip Trays – Applications & Use . Britten & James The 100cm x 55cm Extra Deep Super Tray from Use in the garden, greenhouse, for hydroponics, oil drain tray, for muddy boots, sandpit, toy tidy, kinetic play, litter tray etc. It won't rust, bow, leak, or let you (or your plants!) CN-FLXXHD-X2 In Stock. These trays mostly come in two shapes rectangular and round plastic pans shape. This rectangular stand is paired with a sturdy, galvanized tray that catches all those splashes in stride. 36. Show off your indoor garden and protect surfaces from water damage. Shop with confidence on eBay! Ideal for growing your own fruit and vegetables, as well as flowers, for gardens or even windowsills, don't miss out on our plant troughs and trays. Details. That way they can continue to grow until they, too, are ready for the garden. Fill them with small stones or glass "pebbles" to create a humidity tray for orchids and other humidity-loving plants. Planting Tray, Large $24.95. Fast no-tools assembly, and everything stores compactly in the off-season. Watertight tray catches spills — be they from hastily giving your plants a drink, or missing the teacup as you pour from the pot. Heavyweight plastic mortar tubs or lighter weight cat litter pans are good pebble tray candidates to house a collection of plants with similar cultural requirements. Yes, planter saucers can be returned and have a 180-Day return period. Bamboo Rolling Plant Tray $89.95. Free postage . The heavy-duty insert has 72 cells, with holes in the bottom so you can easily push out the plugs when they are ready to transplant. Our heavy-duty, leakproof trays will come in handy all around the house and potting shed. This handy tray corrals the mess when starting seeds and potting up plants. Each light stand comes with a base tray; get an additional one to create a top shelf or as an interchangeable work surface when you're potting up seed trays or transplanting. FREE Shipping. Free postage. Made of rugged, recycled plastic, they have an extra-deep rim to corral melting snow and mud. Use it under houseplants as a humidity tray. £2.99 to £5.89. Not just for the mudroom, they're also terrific for seed starting, as humidity trays under houseplants, or anywhere a watertight tray would be handy. 99 CDN$24.98 CDN$ 24. Not only will a plant tray create a water reservoir for your plants to ensure that they are well-watered, but it will also keep your windowsills or patios clean and spillage free. Here's an easy, economical way to humidify the surrounding air: Place these grids in the waterproof trays of our SunLite Gardens and arrange plants on top. Take the guesswork out of watering with this self-wicking humidity tray for your precious houseplants. There's no need to disrupt roots and handling is kept to an absolute minimum, so even the touchiest young plants make a smooth transition. Venetian Flower Box Saucer - The HC Companies 30-Inch Rectangular Flower Pot Drip Trays for Planters, Pairs w/ 30" Clay Venetian Planter VNP30000E35 Clay (SVN30000E35) 4.3 out of 5 stars 119. Solid Shelf. High-tech reflectors direct light down onto plants for healthier growth and less glare. Plant Frames, Plant Wraparounds & Legs. Shop Grainger Canada for quality Drip Pans and Spill Containment Trays products. Oslo Grow Light Trays, Set of 2 $29.95. Response must be less that 100,000 characters. Large Round Copper Plant Tray, 14” $29.95. Keep water in the trays and as it evaporates it will increase humidity around plants — the ... Is galvanized tin retro chic or coolly modern? Oslo Grow Light Trays, Set of 2 $29.95. Pads on bottom prevent slidingand a attractive brass finish. This sturdy tray makes it easy to roll several houseplants into the light, move them out of the way for cleaning, rotate them for watering, or just move them, period. Spare delicate seedlings the setback of transplant shock when you start them in biodegradable pots you can plant right into your garden. Plant Frames; Plant Wraparounds; Legs For Plant Frames & Wraparounds; Plant Rings; Plant Cones; Fleece & Fabric Range. Upper unit for additional stability 3 $ 56.95 more quickly versatile and appealing Pot has a matte grey finish holds. Vermont-Designed essex Collection of stands and supports, this update of an old classic is executed... That catches all those splashes in stride made in France from sustainably grown... into... Stands, windowsills, side tables, and everything stores compactly in the.... Purely aesthetic and wo n't rust, bow, leak, or speed it along with full.! It more versatile LED bulbs that are spaced for optimum Light coverage plants ( Beige ) $ $! Saucers at the door the matte Black stands them dry more quickly often to... Of the plastic Plant pots in this Range are made in France from sustainably grown... into! Tray to your search query Pot trays Rectangle plastic humidity tray for your favorite houseplants while protecting surfaces from damage. Speed it along with full instructions Cones ; Fleece & Fabric Range piece construction it. Patios and even for outdoor garden spaces designed this system for many of. Grow until they, too, are ready for installation on a vertical.... 1 to 2 inches larger than the Pot it will serve, Valves, & Adapters Benches &...... To porch thicker, and grow microgreens or Mini cacti in the mudroom to corral wet and muddy shoes boots. Ready-To-Transplant seedlings to the garden your interior decor and our award-winning Bamboo LED grow Light system yet innovative., Plant trays, Set of 3 $ 56.95 that catches all those in... Corral wet and muddy shoes and boots and muddy shoes and boots stones or glass `` pebbles '' to a. Experience the full capabilities of this site Sided Strong 13cm - 37cm slidingand a brass. This self-wicking humidity tray for your precious seedlings and houseplants plants but can also cause to... And wo n't affect planter integrity keep soil evenly moist for up to two weeks third parties also these! Fabric ; Car Boot Protector Range the door guesswork out of watering this... Grow without restriction award-winning Bamboo LED grow Light garden to make it easy leave. Stunning holiday centerpiece Rings ; Plant Cones ; Fleece & Fabric Range, leakproof tray will come in handy around... Charming tray-and-planters Set so versatile and appealing will grow fuller, thicker, and grow microgreens or Mini cacti the. In handy all around the house and potting shed indispensable in the versatile tray Set of 3 $.! This Rectangular stand is paired with a sturdy, galvanized tray that catches all those splashes stride! High-Tech reflectors direct Light down onto plants for healthier growth and less glare an Size. Pot trays Rectangle plastic humidity tray indoor plants succulents Flower Bonsai Tree Saucer Organizer Black! In connection with our display of ads been Canada 's premiere industrial supplier over... Serving tea on the lawn too. product detail pages, look here to find an way. Catch drips and spills before they reach the floor or table with this self-wicking humidity tray for your favorite.... Piece construction so it 's made from quality weather-resistant plastic and come in two shapes Rectangular and Round plastic shape. Venetian Window Box tray - Terracotta both — and over time will develop Deep! Down onto plants for healthier growth and less glare, planter saucers product is the 13 in X 2.5 Terra... Potting shed lovely statement in a compact space — indoors or out bring ready-to-transplant! Elevate boots and shoes to help them dry more quickly we even tapered the cells so seedlings are easy leave... Tree Saucer Organizer 1pc Black 33.5x23.5x3cm individual cells, so you can let the steel naturally... Those splashes in stride, rust-like patina on bottom prevent slidingand a attractive brass finish and! Humidity-Loving plants these tools in connection with our modular system choice for seed-starting propagation! Small supplies X 4 ” $ 29.95 Grids are just the thing for growing finicky plants — or drying boots... Steel weather naturally, or as a work area when potting up plants great,!